Understanding ethics in tech

A Horizon Europe project training researchers in ethics for new technologies


Know the challenges early

irecs is a new Horizon Europe project tackling the ethical challenges of new technology used in research.  

The research ethics process is facing new challenges at a global scale. Technologies are appearing faster than their ethical considerations can be weighed. Research is globalising but ethical standards are not — running the risk that citizens of nations with the fewest safeguards will be the most burdened by unethical science.

We want to train researchers to anticipate and mitigate ethical issues in technology sooner rather than later.


About irecs

Ethics in research is an essential ingredient for good science. Maintaining high ethical standards is essential to winning public trust in scientific work. However, there are many challenges such as new technologies, increasing international collaboration in academic research and the absence of standardisation across Europe. The EU-funded irecs project will reinforce the reliability of science by advancing research ethics expertise and competencies. It will improve the understanding of research ethics in Europe and provide interactive, sustainable training programmes. Building on the European Network for Research Ethics and Research Integrity and the Embassy of Good Science as well as close collaboration with key stakeholder organizations, irecs will create a horizontal community unifying research ethics practitioners, policymakers and other stakeholders.


Our work


Our team of experts are identifying the ethical and legal challenges of new technologies in research at the global scale. We are mapping the current and forecasted needs of ethics experts and researchers around emerging technology.  


We are developing training programmes specialising in ethical impacts of new technology for researchers in European and global settings. Our training materials will be available in 6 languages and offered in the EU, China, South Korea and West Africa


We want to make research ethics not just achievable, but better. Our goal is to transform the research ethics process of Europe.


Our Network


Nations. Our partner organisations are based across 11 countries

Project partner consortium

Universities represented in our stakeholder network


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