Objective 1:

Establish a nuanced understanding of challenges in new technologies facing the ethics review process in Europe and globally

Objective 2:

Develop and disseminate proposed changes to the ethics review process that promote standardisation

Objective 3:

Create world-class education, training, and awareness in research ethics and ethics review, meeting current and projected future needs, reaching European and international ethics experts and researchers

Objective 4:

Implement and embed sustainable education, training, and awareness on a European and global level



October 2022

Launch of project

July 2023

Creation of a dataset of ethical challenges in new technologies

September 2023

Recommendations for policymakers and research institutions to address research ethics challenges with new technologies

May 2024

Publication of recommendations to avoid ethics dumping in technology research taking place outside the EU

July 2024

Proposals for research institutions to improve ethics review processes using new technology

January 2025

Launch e-community with European Network for Research and Integrity

March 2025

Pilot training begins

September 2025

Training materials released